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Premium Freeze-Dried Fruits & Veggies

With over 300+ 5-Star reviews, we strive for the highest quality freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. We stand for 100% natural, vegan-friendly, and keto-friendly premium freeze-dried fruits and vegetables without preservatives and no added sugar.

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What's the Story Behind Freshly Preserved?

I was introduced to food preservation at a young age. My mother and I preserved all kinds of fruits and vegetables by canning, freezing, pickling, and any other way you could imagine. It was part of our culture preserving these seasonal goodies to enjoy later.

As I look at it now, I remember the flavorful fruits and vegetables we would get from my uncle's farm, only to bring home baskets full of fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare for winter. My mother and I worked tirelessly doing this every weekend. As I grew older and I had a home and children of my own, my mother would come to my house and we picked up where we had left off. Together, we proudly fed 2 generations nutritious, wholesome, preserved foods all season long!

My mother and I were very close. She became ill as she grew older. I was consumed with the responsibilities of caring for ill parents and raising my family. At that point, I was forced to sell my business I had owned for nine years. Then when she passed, I felt a huge void in my life because she was my best friend. We did so much together which included cooking, sewing, shopping, caring for children, and more.

My Commitment to Remembering My Parents

After my parents passing, within two months of each other, I had to pick up the pieces and begin a new venture. This when I was introduced to freeze drying. After many trials and errors over an 18 month period, I was able to successfully freeze dry my first batch of flowers. I started a freeze dried flower company which I ran for 18 years and proudly helped my sons further their education beyond high-school. During those years, I thought about my mom and how we preserved food for our families and I was also curious to know what else could be freeze dried.

One day, an old friend and I reconnected after almost 20 years. We talked about how my mother and I would make such unique and flavorful dishes. I told my friend I had not made any of those dishes since my mother had passed. She was shocked and challenged me to start making the dishes I had once made with my mother. My family also encouraged me to do so, as well.

In 2018, I decided to pull out my utensils that had been tucked away for 19 years and take on the challenge. Although, this time I had freeze dryers and was able to put a new twist on preserving. I rediscovered my love for creating healthy and tasty treats. Our methods are different but the passion is the same. I am thankful that I can create an amazing, nutritious product and remember the great memories of the special times I had with my mom.

Now I share my food and tasty treats and feed everyone!

Linda Bartoul

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