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Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
BRITTNEY H. (New York, New York)

Used these beautiful flowers for my wedding cake. Absolutely beautiful!


I used these dried flowers for cocktails at my restaurant. They are high quality and add the perfect touch to the glass!

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Flower Petals)
Anonymous (Bunnell, Florida)
Edible Flowers

Loved them ! Quick shipping ! And priced very reasonable with consideration of shipping etc
Very happy with product , my only wish is that they were more whole flowers instead of just petals

We are so happy you like the Flower Petals. I just want to note that you did purchase the petal version and we do have whole flower options available. Thank you again.

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Leanne O. (Concord, California)
Beautiful flowers

We used these on our wedding cake and it turned out so gorgeous! Highly recommend for cakes!

Small Chop Mix
Pam S. (Baker, Florida)
Little ones love it

Small enough for my conures they love it and are getting nutrients they need to grow and thrive easy to use no waste .

Large Chop Mix
Pam S. (Baker, Florida)
Great chop

My Birds love it ,I love it because it's easy and convenient and gives them the nutrition they need to thrive

Coconut Cream Pie Bites
Sandra M. (Gilroy, California)
Great Little Snack

These coconut bites are good snacks and help with portion control when you want just a little. I ordered 2 more packages. I wish they were a bit less expensive.

Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit Snack
Laurie N. (Portland, Oregon)

These are better than I expected them to be. So sweet and crunchy!!! I hope to purchase them again!!!

Beautiful - Colorful and Fully Intact!

These folks have learned how to preserve color and shape of these flowers! Beautiful! Lovely addition to my cheese platter! Added elegance...

Floral Frosted Cake

Beautiful Girly way to Decorate a Cake for a tea!!

Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit Snack
Jennifer T. (Flat Rock, North Carolina)
Freeze Dried Dragonfruit

Outstanding product and customer service! I purchased this to recreate my favorite beverage from a world famous coffee chain and I am beyond happy with this product. Now if I can perfect the mango flavor, I’ll be good to go!

Freeze-Dried Strawberries (Healthy Fruit Snack)
Alex o.t.E. (Fort Bragg, California)
Sturdy & tart!

With fresh strawberries, I look for sweetness. These freeze-dried strawberries have some sweetness, but it's the tartness that makes them so great added to cereal and milk. Plus they retain their structure very well and reconstitute deliciously. I break up the strawberry pieces to the size of raisins and add them to oatmeal with honey, and they flavor every bite. I'm re-ordering!

Berry Mix
Alex o.t.E. (Fort Bragg, California)
Comparatively bland

The berry mix was okay, and its saving grace was the strawberries. But I bought the mix at the same time as trying cherries and strawberries separately, and the small, dried berries didn't compare well. They have some flavor, but having been blown out of the water by the cherries and pleasantly surprised by the strawberries, I won't be buying more berry mix in the future.

Freeze-Dried Cherries - Healthy Fruit Snack
Alex o.t.E. (Fort Bragg, California)
Love these!

They reconstitute with tons of intense flavor. I stir them into yogurt and let them sit for a few minutes. Scrumptious. My favorite, so far.

Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit Snack
Rhonda B. (San Jose, California)
Dragon fruit

It’s great to add to any juice or lemonade drink. I just wish you got more on the package for the price you pay. I like that it’s freeze dried cause I can keep it longer than the frozen fruit. Love it!!!

Freeze-Dried Blueberries Healthy Fruit Snack
Tina I. (Brownsville, Texas)

Love using these in my smoothie and over night oats

Freeze-Dried Watermelon - Healthy Fruit Snack
Justin K. (Huntington Station, New York)
Great for baking

Been looking for a dried watermelon to bake with that had no added sugar. This stuff is perfect and delicious!

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Laura M. (Lake Worth, Florida)

Absolutely beautiful!!! Well packed and arrived in perfect condition! I am definitely going to be a repeat customer ❤️❤️❤️

Sweet and exactly what I was looking for

I have been looking for freeze-dried watermelon and this was exactly what I was looking for, it was sweet and tasted like watermelon

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
venesa s. (Torrance, California)
Beautiful flowers

Shipping was fast. It was so beautiful on my baby shower cake. Received so many compliments. Thank you

Freeze-Dried Bananas - Healthy Fruit Snack
Lance M. (Wolfforth, Texas)
Best freeze dried bananas!

These freeze dried bananas are thick cut, delicious bananas that you won’t find on the shelves of your favorite grocers.

Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit Snack
Francina D. (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
The Best! A+++

I can’t believe I didn’t search for this before now I can have my Starbucks Drink at home or if I’m out I can order some and add extra dragon fruit cubes to my drink, definitely I will order again and will recommend it! Thank you guys!

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
silvia T. (New Bloomfield, Missouri)

Thank you fir sending so fast! Beautiful flowers!


This was the first tike i have e erythink er seen watermelon freezed dried. It was surprisingly very good, a bit of summer, lol. Actually put one back into water, if you put in the refrigerator to get cold, it was good in texture and taste.

Freeze-Dried Pears
Tye I. (Chicago, Illinois)

They are ver sweet, good flavor, but were not as crispy, felt like the moisture was not all removed, otherwise they are yummy!