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Freshly Preserved Reviews

Based on 376 reviews

For the mushrooms; I was amazed, as well as delighted with the overall taste/consistency of them. I’ve bought a few other items as well to experiment with. So far, so good!!…….curious???….try them!! Fast service as well. These items are perfect for holding on to for you preppers out there… great stuff

Freeze-Dried Mushrooms
PJ (King George, Virginia)
Fresh Mushroom

When adding them to side dishes, they taste like fresh mushrooms.


Everything was perfection! Will definitely be ordering again.

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Rana B. (Fredericksburg, Virginia)

Flowers were great, look very pretty. The assortment was very nice and made my baked goods look amazing

Freeze dried flowers

Very nice product; orchids seemed real; nice addition to our food trays


I made a 25th wedding anniversary cake with these flowers as decoration. Everyone was wowed by how lovey they were. Packaged with great care. Will absolutely use again in the future.

Freeze-Dried Carrots
Ingrid S. (Prescott, Arizona)
Great flavor additions for low sodium soups

Low sodium soups lack flavor so I turned the freeze dried vegetables I purchased from Freshly Preserved into powder to add to soups. In a pinch the powder becomes an instant soup just by adding hot water. It's a life saver for people on low sodium diets. Thanks!

Freeze dried flowers

My order arrived quickly and packaged nicely without a lot of excess. I wasn't sure what to expect from freeze dried flowers as I'm used to using fresh for my catering needs. The freeze dried were ok but just lacked that WOW factor I like to infuse my dishes with. I would probably not order the freeze dried again (nothing against the vendor) but their customer service was great! Thank you...

Caramel M&Ms
Amber W. (DeWitt, Michigan)
I love them!

They were really good!!


I love adding these to my water for flavor. I really enjoy the texture and flavor!


These are great snacks for anytime. I love them. I eat them straight from the bag or add a few to my water for a little flavor!

Kyle L. (Keene, New Hampshire)

Texture was surprising and different, but in a really good way. Nerds are my favorite candy and these were absolutely baller. 10/10

Tiramisu Cake Bites
Kyle L. (Keene, New Hampshire)

Absolutely delicious

Love love love them!

I had a tea party and made a pomegranate lemonade with these as garnish! My guests were amazed! Amazing packaging and service.

amber l. (Charlestown, Indiana)
so good!!!

these are one of my favorite candy that they have i pretty order them weekly i do wish so bad they would add the freeze dried fruit rolls to their stock the nerd clusters and fruit rolls are by far my favorite out of all freeze dried candy 🍭


The edible flowers were a huge success in making the table & food look pleasing to the eyes. The only thing I wish I had bought some marigolds so I could have used the petals for extra added color. Do you sell petal pieces to be able to make my own art work? Definitely will purchase again

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Sharon B. (Manahawkin, New Jersey)
Perfect wedding cake decor

I used the edible
Flowers to
Decorate a
Wedding cake
Was stunning!

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Sherry E. (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Looked great on my mini lemon cakes

Used the flowers to decorate mini lemon cakes for an afternoon tea party. Wowed the ladies at the tea.

Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit Snack
Kathleen H.H. (Brea, California)
Best freeze dried Dragonfruit

I love the Starbucks Dragonfruit drink and wanted to make my own to save money. I tried various vendors, but couldn’t get it right until your product. The pieces have that delightful crunch I was looking for. Thanks a bunch!

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Christine N. (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Flowers arrived in beautiful shape

I will let you know how they looked on the dessert after wedding of the Bengals kicker McDowell and Gracie Groat

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Marina H. (Spanaway, Washington)
We do recommend...

We bought the flowers to test a new design for a wedding cake...have been very pleased with colors and variety. There are details in the design we still have been working on - most likely we will need more flowers before we approve the final result. But meanwhile, the price is very sensible, and the quality is worth of every penny of it.

Notably, the flowers come from the local source: it's been a strict condition from the cake designer.

Perfect accents to my tea party!

I used the flowers in my jello molds, they were a show stopper, and more colorful than I’d anticipated!
I highly recommend the pansies and orchid mix, and I can’t wait to try out other flower variations.

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Flower Petals)
Rena C. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Edible flowers

My interest of using edible flowers has been nudging me forever now, and I am happy that I indulged in my purchasing whim. I had never eaten them before myself, nor baked with them. Boy I am now, and I've had nothing but rave reviews with baked goods and chocolates alike. I'm happy I went in search of , and then found you all to aid me in this incredible edible journey. Everything arrived on time and all was well with the packaging, ect. The package's are large.,..well for my needs, but I am absolutely NOT complaining about that. I'm going to get busy and start using these edibles. I highly recommend this company and their products. I will be ordering more in the future.


I used the freeze-dried edible pansies and orchids on goat cheese for my daughter's bridal shower and it was an absolutely beautiful addition to the charcuterie! So many compliments...absolutely beautiful!

Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit Snack
Anastasia F. (Miamisburg, Ohio)
Perfect Finishing Touch

The freeze-dried dragon fruit pieces are a perfect addition to any fruity tea or carbonated beverage you mix! I've been shaking them up with my honey limeade seltzer to given then a pop of color.