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Freshly Preserved Reviews

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Orchids and pansies

I ordered the orchids and pansies to use as sugared decorations on a cheesecake. They arrived faster than expected, were beautiful and a ton of them were in the one box. It worked perfectly to sugar/crystallize them and looked great on the cheesecake. I had so many I used some in cocktails


These flowers arrived in great shape and were really beautiful!

Freeze-Dried Edible Buzz Buttons
Brett L. (Bellevue, Washington)
Great Product

This is exactly what I was looking for. Great quality. I will order again if I need more.

Thank you!

Great flowers fast delivery

Emily (Clearwater, Florida)
Yes, Peas!

The freeze dried peas are great! I shared one with my sun conure and she took the rest of the bag.

Great product! Horrible customer service!


Freeze-Dried Raspberries Healthy Fruit Snack
Bowling G. (New York, New York)

Great snack, a bit powdery, but overall very tasty.

Berry Mix
Bowling G. (New York, New York)

I like these berries which go very well and very tasty with yogurt.

Anonymous (New York, New York)

A bit too sweet for me, but overall the peaches were delicious.

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Anna C. (San Carlos, California)

You force me say something. You did a good job.
Still, I am not totally thrilled about the flowers. So far I have not used them .
I like life flowers on food.
I also love my dried flower herb box from Switzerland with very small flower petals to sprinkle on food. I think that would be a good product for you.


They were beautiful and made the cake look amazing!!

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Naomi H. (Warrenton, Virginia)
Excellent Deal!

I needed edible flowers to decorate a cheesecake I was making for a competition, and had never used edible flowers before. I didn't even know where to purchase them! I found this company via an online search, and based upon other reviews, decided to take a chance on ordering from them. I was pleased with the prompt delivery, the flowers (which arrived in excellent condition), and a price I felt was fair. I would definitely order from them again!

For an alternative when fresh edible flowers are not available.. these fit the bill

Freeze-Dried Edible Flower Petals
Ruth C. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Just Beautiful

The flowers were beautiful. I found it easy to apply them to a wedding cake I was decorating. Everyone was impressed, particularly me!! Thank you for supporting such a lovely product!

Great stuff. Great custom Oder!

Freeze-Dried Edible Flower Petals
Lisa A. (Morrisville, Pennsylvania)
Great product and wonderful customer service

When another company didn't ship my product for my daughter's bridal shower I completely panicked. Linda answered messages immediately and I was able to get product immediately. Freshly Preserved to the rescue. The cake turned out beautiful!

Freeze-Dried Edible Marigolds
suzanne r. (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

I ordered two varieties and they are just perfect - the marigolds in particular are stunning and I'm sure will make this cake a huge success.

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Anonymous (New York, New York)
Beautiful flowers

I really loved these set of edible flowers, they certainly gave my drinks, cakes and salads an outstanding look. It is important to mention that the flowers arrived nicely packaged and in a timely manner.

Champagne tower accent

I absolutely loved these flowers to accentuate my gorgeous champagne tower. There were more flowers than expected in each package too! I wish I could submit a picture.

Freeze-Dried Edible Flower Petals
Lisa S. (Calabasas, California)
Great Product!

These came in a timely fashion, and looked beautiful on my appetizers. They did for a pirate kids birthday party and they also bake well into my lemon ricotta Rosemary cake.

Beautiful Flowes

Very happy with my purchase. I had a special request for some specific, which was met and the cake turned out beautiful.


Flowers arrived safely packed! They were perfect size ontop of the amount given is well worth the price. I had purchased to set ontop of a cake and they did not disappoint! I considered picking and drying my own flowers, but stumbled upon this site… so thankful I did! Way easier option for me as well as the variery of flowers was something that I would not have been able to get. Big thank you!!

Fantastic quality - worked great for us!


The watermelon has a good consistency. I just didn't like the flavor. It tastes bitter to me, but that doesn't mean others won't like it :) The quality is great. I absolutely love all the other fruits I've tried!