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Freshly Preserved Reviews

Based on 317 reviews
Freeze Dried Strawberries 🍓

Enjoying these now as I review. Yummy 😋 good snack to enjoy anytime, having mine with coffee ☕️ right now. An all time favorite of mine.

Freeze Dried Watermelon 🍉

One of my favorites yummy 😋 good. Not to be missed if you like watermelon.

Freeze Dried Raspberries

Yummy 😋 good! One of my favorites that I order several each time. If you're a berry lover these are not to be missed.

Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches
judy b. (Mantua, New Jersey)
Lovely taste but too expensive

I really did enjoy the ice cream, but it was such a small portion for the amount of money that I will not be ordering it again

Freeze Dried Pineapple 🍍

So good tasting 😋 and yummy. Bags are full with fast shipping. A must have if you like pineapple 🍍!

Cherries 🍒

Another favorite fruit I order several each time. Bag's are always full and the taste 😋 is great!


I'm a berry lover and a favorite of mine. So tasty 😋 good!

Gail S. (Newark, Ohio)
Peas 🫛

Another favorite of mine I order everytime. Yummy 😋 tasting.

Gail S. (Newark, Ohio)

My absolute favorite! I get multiple bags everytime I order. If your a pomegranate lover this is yummy 😋.

Dried strawberries

They are delicious. I use then like candy and I also add them to my cereal in the morning.

Freeze-Dried Edible Mums
Jeni C. (Wilmington, Massachusetts)

Gorgeous, vibrant flowers! I bought them for a client's cake, and she was thrilled with how they looked.

Half of these flowers were broken primarily due to the packaging. These dried flowers were laid into a box as you see in the picture. While shipping, the tossing around caused the flowers to break. Flowers from other venders shipped their flowers in single layers inside vacuum sealed packaging. Disappointed and will not reorder for our bar.

Freeze-Dried Edible Buzz Buttons
Richard T. (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

Fantastic quality - worked great for us!

Orchids and pansies

I ordered the orchids and pansies to use as sugared decorations on a cheesecake. They arrived faster than expected, were beautiful and a ton of them were in the one box. It worked perfectly to sugar/crystallize them and looked great on the cheesecake. I had so many I used some in cocktails


These flowers arrived in great shape and were really beautiful!

Freeze-Dried Edible Buzz Buttons
Brett L. (Bellevue, Washington)
Great Product

This is exactly what I was looking for. Great quality. I will order again if I need more.

Thank you!

Great flowers fast delivery

Emily (Clearwater, Florida)
Yes, Peas!

The freeze dried peas are great! I shared one with my sun conure and she took the rest of the bag.


Freeze-Dried Raspberries Healthy Fruit Snack
Bowling G. (New York, New York)

Great snack, a bit powdery, but overall very tasty.

Berry Mix
Bowling G. (New York, New York)

I like these berries which go very well and very tasty with yogurt.

Anonymous (New York, New York)

A bit too sweet for me, but overall the peaches were delicious.

Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers (Pansies & Orchids)
Anna C. (San Carlos, California)

You force me say something. You did a good job.
Still, I am not totally thrilled about the flowers. So far I have not used them .
I like life flowers on food.
I also love my dried flower herb box from Switzerland with very small flower petals to sprinkle on food. I think that would be a good product for you.


They were beautiful and made the cake look amazing!!