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How to Use Freeze-Dried Products in Your Meals

Freeze-dried food has been with us for centuries but there’s a recent rise in its popularity as more people see the benefits of eating and cooking with freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.

Freeze-drying is a method of removing the water content of fruit, vegetables, and even meat. This allows food to be stored safely for a long time, minimizing needed storage space, while maintaining the original taste, texture, and nutrition content once rehydrated.

Rehydrating freeze-dried products for direct consumption is one thing, but it can also be incorporated into your meals whether in whole or powdered form.

Using Freeze-Dried Fruit

Fresh produce is always preferable when it’s in season but more often than not, the best-quality fruit can be very expensive. Freeze-dried is an affordable way to get the nutrition and taste you’re looking for at any time of the year.

Powdered freeze-dried fruits can help you save even more. One tablespoon of powdered freeze-dried fruit is the equivalent of 7 to 8 tablespoons of real fruit, making it the perfect replacement for recipes such as breakfast, desserts, and baked goods.

Enhance Your Breakfast

Get your daily dose of fruit by adding freeze-dried berries to your pancake mix! You can also opt for muffins, just make sure to rehydrate them first with a little water. The key is to use much less water than you think you need and stir them slowly in a bowl until they’re fully rehydrated. If you use too much water, the fruit can end up too mushy.

Plus, you can also jazz up your favorite cereal with a tablespoon or two of freeze-dried fruit! Freeze-dried bananas can go really well with oats too.

Perfect Dessert

Freeze-dried fruit can be baked into your favorite desserts or re-hydrated for straight-up snacking! Kids would love them and you’re helping them eat healthy.

Re-hydrated fruits can also be used as toppings to brighten up the look of cakes and pastries.If you’re a fan of oatmeal cookies, replace raisins with freeze-dried berries and other fruit.

Add to Soups

Freeze-dried vegetables store for longer without sacrificing taste, nutrition, and texture. You can add them to soups straight away without hydrating them first with water. Just make sure to adjust the amount of water or stock you’ll add to your soups!

It’s a great way to create a big batch you can use for different meals throughout the week.

Improved Beverages

Fruit-infused water is always in. It’s a great way to add a bit of taste and nutrition to your ordinary water and you can munch on the fruit after.

Freeze-dried fruit is also perfect for creating healthy smoothies. The water content in fresh fruit often throws off the taste or volume, so it’s helpful for preparing just the right amount.

Storing Freeze-Dried Products

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are amazing to stock up on in bulk and could last you a long time. It’s great to have in your pantry in case of emergencies and can help you save on groceries in the long run!

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